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Purpose Design

gourmet spice kits & racks, gourmet salts, rubs & tea

by Julie Pedersen


About us

Part designer, part foodie, part packaging addict, I make these kits based on my love for global cuisine.

I have a fascination for food, I love to cook and eat and can host a pretty outrageous dinner party. I have a too-large cookbook collection.

Some info on my spices: I buy all my spices from carefully sourced distributors in Montreal. I buy organic and fair trade spices whenever possible. All of my spices are the highest quality and super fresh because I buy them in small quantities.

I make all my blends and rubs in a certified kitchen. Some of my blends may have come into contact with tree nuts or peanuts.

Shop Policy

Returns and exchanges

Returns and refunds are offered non-food items only. I cannot accept returns on spice kits or spice racks because they contain food-related products. Thanks for your understanding on this issue.

Very occasionally, things get broken in transit. Any breakage will be replaced at no cost to you.


If an item is returned to me due to providing an incorrect address, or if the item is not claimed at the post office, I cannot be responsible for resending the item to you. I reserve the right to cancel a sale under these circumstances at my discretion. If the sale is canceled, your purchase price, minus the shipping fees, will be refunded to you.

I ship my spice kits, (small and large) to the US and EVERYWHERE ELSE by AIR MAIL, which takes between 4-12 business days, depending on your location. If you would like upgraded service, please convo me and I can make a custom shipping rate for you.

My spice racks are shipped EXPEDITED service, which takes about 1 week and has a parcel tracking feature and insurance included in the shipping fee.

AUSTRALIAN AND ITALIAN BUYERS: Unfortunately I can no longer ship spice racks or spice kits to Australia due to AQIS regulations, or Italy because of import laws. If you make a purchase with an Australian or Italian shipping address, the sale will be canceled and your money refunded to you.


1 rating
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John C.Jan 5 2021, 1:09 pm

I have to say I'm a little disappointed number one the package was late delivered after the holiday when we ordered before the holiday number two the size of the order is very small the picture on the web page is deceiving the items look a lot larger than they really are I opened up the box and found out that the entire gift is no bigger than an iPad kind of disappointing for the money value.