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My Kawaii Cactus So happy with this cactus. It's a little bigger than expected. It will be fun to give it personality. I can always count on getting my orders quickly.
on Dec 12 2018

My Kawaii Cactus Lamp

Cute Cartoon Characters
Great box Great sound and super easy to use
Edwina Cosby Poore on Dec 11 2018

Great! Great sound! I was shocked at the big sound the little speaker made! And it's so cute!
on Dec 11 2018

Elegant This is exquisite. So glad I got it for my friend. She deserves this, it's quality.
on Dec 11 2018

Thaya Van Gogh's Sky Design Handmade Drawing Ring

Couple handmade rings, Drawing Ring
Unique Great and elegant gift.
on Dec 11 2018

Marimo Bulb Terrarium

The Good Luck Gift
Fun Gift I'm giving this as a stocking stuffer. He'll love it!
on Dec 11 2018

Bag Plants

Small Bag, Big Plant
Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker I love this thing. The size is just right, it is small but it is the perfect size for me. The sound surprised me, it sounds really good for what it is. It will get really loud as well. Love the retro design and the fact that the volume dial lights up. I would buy it again and I am thinking of buying several more to give as gifts.
Wayne Kizziar on Dec 11 2018

Great gift I gave this to my Dad for a Birthday gift and he loves it. The only downside was that the charging cable is only a USB, no actual wall plug-in, which presented a slight problem for someone that is technologically challenged.
Kellie McLain on Dec 11 2018

Moon Light

Romantic Moonlight
Fun! These are perfect for my son who enjoys a little of the macabre. The stones feel cool to the touch even before being chilled. I'm sure they'll do the job!
Laura Kay on Dec 11 2018

Pretty Necklace with Excellent Customer Service When I received this necklace, I was surprised to find out that it is a very bright silver. The photos make it look more copper or brass finished and that is what I needed for my daughter. I contacted the company and they could not have been more helpful. I packaged up the necklace I was returning and the new piece I ordered is already on its way to me. It was an even exchange, so there was no issue. However, check the description well before your order and if you have questions - CALL.
Laura Kay on Dec 11 2018

Beautiful Knives These knives are the most beautiful I've ever seen for less than $100. The knife is super sharp and the fork is honed to fine points. The design on the blade is fascinating and the handles could not be more perfect. I have not yet given them as the gift for which I purchased them, but I'm certain that my son-in-law will love this VERY high end looking gift.
Laura Kay on Dec 11 2018


Hand Forged Damascus Steel
Adorable! Obviously it's adorable, but great for cooking whether it's ramen or vegetables. Will shop here again.
Tabitha Burch on Dec 10 2018

Ceramic Soup Bowl Set

Friendly Forest Friends
Beautiful Just like it’s described.
Janelle Lynne on Dec 10 2018

Superb Another Christmas gift. Beautiful and unique just like my niece she will love it and it special just like her. I recommend to any one loookin g for something personal.
George on Dec 10 2018

Birth Moon Slide Necklace

Customized moon phase from your important date!
Beautiful  This is a Christmas gift. I know my niece will love, a perfect present and totally unique no chance she will get this twice.
George on Dec 10 2018

Half-Moon Fairy Light Lamp

Set The Mood Lighting
Stunning  These are beautiful anyone who walks in the door comments, Its a beautiful warm white light. I get so many compliments. I love that is takes batteries and auto shut off. I gave it four out of 5 stars it was a little tangled when it came but once I got them untangled and put up I would buy again.
George on Dec 10 2018

LED Globe Pendant Lights

Romantic String Lighting
It is a unique gift This moon light is great. I bought this as a birthday gift to my best friend,engraved her name. She likes it. It is tailored to her. She said it is the best gift she has ever received.
Daisy on Dec 9 2018

Personalized Moon Lamp

Hi-Tech Lunar Magic, Personal Customization
Apple light First one went to wrong address & was damaged ; then another was sent to right place but no lights! Once they were aware of the problem they fixed it right away!
Wynne Wigderson on Dec 9 2018

Crescent moon light Received the light and as very pleased. It was really bright at night. Had it about a week and dropped it on the counter. Needless to say the globe is history. My fault for not being careful. Very distraught.
on Dec 8 2018

Very cool glass Looks even cooler with alcohol in it!
on Dec 7 2018

Bulletproof Glass

Ballistic Barware
Good as a gift Got it for my dad and he's a big gun guy so, perfect gift! It's a heavy bottle opener, super neat.
on Dec 7 2018

Bullet Bottle Opener

By Foster and Rye
A great gift Absolutely gorgeous! Engraved as described. I’ve brought the moon light before and loved it so much. So I brought a personalized moon light for my younger sister as her birthday gift. She loved it so much! I’ll definitely buy this one again.
Heather on Dec 7 2018

Personalized Moon Lamp

Hi-Tech Lunar Magic, Personal Customization
Awesome! I bought this during a sale mainly because I thought it was super cute, and I needed something small to store all my Kitty's toys in. This did the trick. It matches the rest of my decor and it is very well made. I've gotten lots of compliments on it already and I haven't had it that long.
on Dec 6 2018

Buffalo Stool

Conversation Piece
Nice Nice
on Dec 5 2018

Rose Light Bottle

Romantic Illumination
So many compliments My new favorite earrings! I get so many compliments every time I wear these!
on Dec 3 2018

Moon Star Planet Earrings

Yin and Yang Style
Perfect for your space lover!  We use these light in our adventure room! Adds so much character!
on Dec 3 2018

Cosmic LED String Lights

Decorative Lights
So beautiful!  I bought 2 of these for my best friend who just went to Morocco for her new house! Cannot wait to gift them!
on Dec 3 2018

Moroccan Nights Cocktail Glass

Artisan Glassware
Sweet ring I bought it as a gift - it is so sweet and delicate - my friend is going to love it.
on Dec 3 2018

White Cherry Blossom Silver Ring

Sakura Fashion Jewelry
Loving this mini aquarium This is a real keeper. I have bought several of them for gifts because people liked mine so much. The directions were helpful and accurate. It is quite a conversation piece.
on Dec 1 2018

Marimo Aquarium Kit (Metal Stand)

Bring Zen to the Den
Excellent product and customer I purchased four of the 3D LED moonlights and I love them! Great quality and in an awesome package! Customer Service is excellent, very responsive! And the tracking system is wonderful, keeping you informed every time the parcels arrive at a new location. I'll certainly be purchasing from this company again!
on Nov 29 2018

3D LED Night Light

Enchanting Lamp
Hippopotamus i got my hippopotamus for Christmas! Totally adorable! His nose was a little squished..but nothing major. I may buy him a friend!
on Nov 29 2018

Hippo Stool

Faux Leather Design
Leaf ring  So perfect for this fall weather. The colors are stunning. And the fit is amazing
on Nov 29 2018

Maple Leaf Ring

Seasonal Charm
Bracelet The bracelet was so beautiful and simple. Really classy.
on Nov 29 2018

Pearl Drop Leaf Collection

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry
Fifty 1st Lighting I purchased 3 different lights as Christmas gifts from Fifty 1st and love each one. It will be hard to part with them all. My favorite is the skull light, very impressive. Although they are all made with heavy glass and beautifully crafted.
Karena on Nov 28 2018

Industrial Table Lamp "Max"

Steampunk Lighting
Dip Pen and Ink Gift Box I bought this as a Xmas present for my sister. I like how the pen was made and who everything was included. I have a feeling she will LOVE it!
Colleen Parkyn on Nov 28 2018

Dip Pen and Ink Gift Box

Elegant Calligraphy Set
Origami Crane Threaders These are absolutely stunning. The threader style is prone to slipping out, so just be careful! However, I love them and have received many compliments!
on Nov 28 2018

Origami Crane Earring

Single or Pair
Magical! I absolutely adore these earrings. They look so magical! And even better yet, they have the option of being clip on, for those of us who can't keep pierced ears. :)
Krista Morgan on Nov 28 2018

Crescent Moon Starburst Collection

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet
BEAUTIFUL earrings!  These are absolutely lovely! I get compliments every time I wear them. And even better yet, they have the option of being clip on, for those of us who can't keep pierced ears. :)
Krista Morgan on Nov 28 2018

Spring Rain Hoop Earrings

Nature’s Design
Elephant stool Love it! Larger than I thought, but made of high quality materials. Very happy with my purchase.
Julie Cote on Nov 28 2018

Elephant Storage Stool

Good Fortune
It is Lovely It is very cute and sturdy. It is a bit more lightweight than I expected, but It doesn't bother me. The only reason it gets 4 stars and not 5 is because I got tan colored legs instead of the dark brown legs as advertised in the picture
Mina Elizabeth Ganguly-Kiefner on Nov 27 2018

Elephant Storage Stool

Good Fortune
Great ice tray This worked out so awesome, it is sturdy and works well
on Nov 27 2018

Bone Chillers Ice Tray

Make Skull and Crossbones Ice Cubes
A birthday gift My niece. She loved it. I have one and thinking to get my sis one for the holidays.
Jimy Sylvia on Nov 26 2018

Adorable speaker I bought 3 of these to give as gifts--everyone loves it. All items were shipped separately at different times, which was annoying, but the speaker itself ifs nice.
on Nov 26 2018

Best Set for Totoro Fans Nice set of two totoro bowls with different sizes and a spoon!!! It'd be even better if the spoon can be made thinner or more fit for regular mouth size lol
on Nov 24 2018

Totoro Dinnerware Set

Dinner with Totoro
cute but wrong color Seems well made, sturdy, slightly bigger than I thought it would be (which is good). My only issue is I ordered the dark grey one and the one I received is green. It does look grey-ish in the photo I took but in person it is very obviously green. It took so long to receive it's not worth it to try to exchange so I decided to just keep it. Not quite what I was going for but it will still work.
Ashley DeForest on Nov 23 2018

Dinosaur Storage Stool

Family Room Fun
Pyramid Candles I have used these same candles throughout the year and this was by far the best price! I normally pay $40 or more for each candle so I stocked up. Thank you! Stephanie
Stephanie on Nov 23 2018

Pyramid Candle

By Soul-Terra
Very cute Very cute and well-made.
Andrew on Nov 23 2018

Dinosaur Storage Stool

Family Room Fun
Amazing!  Took a long time to ship but my grandmother absolutely loves this set! So 5 stars.
Alisha Dearen on Nov 23 2018

Japanese Ceramic Sake Set

Beautiful Sakura Blossoms
mechanical box model I have received the model but haven't taken it out of the box yet as it is a Christmas present for my husband. wish i had a model kit of some kind for myself. it looks really fun.
on Nov 23 2018

Mechanical Box Model

A Dash Of Mechanical Magic
Moon love ❤️ 🌕  I had been debating buying for quite awhile. I am a sucker for a full moon and thought this lamp was a wonderful novel idea. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered. I am so happy I did. This is one of the best things I have ever purchased. Ever. It looks amazingly realistic and is a definite conversation piece. If you love the moon, you will love this. Do yourself a favor and buy it right now.
on Nov 23 2018

Moon Light

Romantic Moonlight