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Yixin Handmade

Delicate Origami Jewelry

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la****@gmail.comMar 15 2019, 6:26 am

Who sells earrings as singles? Apollo Box apparently does. My fault for not noticing in the description. Ordered the second earring (to make a pair) on February 24th, it's March 15th and I still haven't received my order. With Amazon turning around orders in 2 days with free shipping, sadly, I will not be ordering from Apollo Box again based solely on how long it takes to receive the product. In today's consumer habits, who wants to wait 3 weeks for anything?? The earring, however, is very nice.

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du****@gmhc.orgAug 8 2019, 6:08 am

They are very beautiful earnings, Just what I wanted. I can not wait to surprise my sister with them. Thank you again!

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Angela C.Sep 20 2019, 9:38 pm

Loves the way it looks...very flattering! I should have order another one...but kinda pricey.😞

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Leila R.Nov 27 2019, 9:06 pm

This earring is so charming and delicate. I really loved it.

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Leila R.Nov 27 2019, 9:08 pm

What a beautiful earrings! They are so different and cute, I just loved it.

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st****@126.comNov 30 2019, 1:10 am

These earrings are super cute! I wore them today and got a lot of compliments!

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Danielle A.Feb 26 2020, 4:30 pm

These were prettier than I expected. I ordered an extra pair as a gift for my best friend! I can't wait to wear these out. Thank you!

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Candy W.Oct 3 2020, 7:18 am

Beautiful set and came in a cute box/package. Little expensive and took a long time to arrive because they were shipped from China, I didn't know that when I made the purchase.