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Drift Knives

Handmade damascuss Knives.


About us

Our Products:

All of Leather Coup goods completely handmade with premium quality organic dyeing leathers and most durable accessories.Our leather goods quite robust because of hand-stitch with waxed thread and best leather choice so we’re working for produce timeless classic and minimal designs which can use many years!

The Workshop:

It takes devotion, diligence and focus to produce something unique and lasting. The fully automated industrial society may defeat us with gadgets that simplify production – but at the end of this cycle, one gets easily replaceable goods without any particular value. That is why our leather goes through a six-step production process. Every stitching, every detail is closely looked by an Expert – by the same two hands, to be precise.

Our Leather:

We only use the finest raw materials in order to create our beautiful products. From the leather selection to the finished product, we work directly with highly skilled craftsmen in every step of the way.

While the majority of the world’s leather is tanned involving harmful chemicals such as Chrome VI (70% of the leather goods you’ll find), Lead and environmentally harmful chemical substances.

Not only have we have committed ourselves to using the highest quality materials to create our products, we are also committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our products as much as possible. Therefore, we chose to only use vegetable tanned leather that takes approximately 3 weeks from start to finish, and requires experienced craftsmen to create.


Finest leather of native cattle, vegetable tanned in our own tannery, twine of the highest quality, solid brass, steel and brass fittings, and finally saddle stitched saddle stitching. And for eternity.

A Better Experience:

At Leather Coup, we’re a new class of professionals creating a unique custom jacket for every customer. Made-To-Measure is an understatement to what we do, because not only do our customers have total control over the material and accessories they choose, but we create a new unique pattern to make every custom order we receive.

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