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Plymouth Earbuds

A wireless way to jam out


Customer Reviews

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Lorene D.Nov 24 2021, 7:01 am

I have these ear buds in green. I really love the retro looking charging case. It looks like an old fashion radio and I have had quite a few people ask me where I got them from. They are easy to charge, sound great and our simple to connect to Bluetooth on my iPad. The sound quality it’s just the sameAs those other more expensive earbuds. I would definitely recommend these to anybody that are looking for a great Christmas or birthday gift. So much more reasonably priced than other ones on the market.

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Carole S.Nov 17 2021, 7:59 pm

Green is my lucky color, which brings me these great green earbuds!

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Kelly S.Nov 14 2021, 6:48 pm

These Plymouth Earbuds are awesome!! I got them in green, and not only are these earbuds super stylish and cool-looking, the packaging is also so beautiful! These wireless earbuds definitely make an amazing gift for the holidays! The sound quality of these earbuds is excellent! This was my first time trying out bluetooth headphones and while I was a little confused at first how to start using them, the instructions were very helpful and I was able to figure out pretty quickly how to operate these earbuds! Connecting these earbuds to my phone was pretty easy as well! While I'm still exploring the features of these earbuds and learning how to use them, I really like that these earbuds have a voice assistant as well! I'm so excited to have these wireless earbuds especially because I'm used to having to replace earphones often due to the wires on my earphones becoming damaged over time, causing loss of sound quality in one or both ears. That won't be a problem at all with these wireless bluetooth earbuds, and I'm so excited and happy about that especially! Again, I love the sound quality of these earbuds so much!! And the tiny charging case is so convenient and easy to take anywhere! I definitely recommend buying these earbuds!

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Meetika K.Nov 12 2021, 9:01 am

Christmas is coming around, so what better time to get someone in your life these amazing pair of earbuds?? I recently got the green colour as that's my favourite, but the look is retro and honestly satisfied my love of all things old :) I waited to review these and used them for about a week before I posted this review! The earbuds are really great quality, and very easy to work with in terms of pairing to any device (I tried it on my phone and laptop - I have Apple products). They are excellent for any purpose really, I used them to answer calls, listen to RED (TAYLOR'S VERSION), and watch lectures over the past week. The charge lasts a long time and I am so happy with the quick charge of the case as well. I also am not great with the in-ear earbuds so these were the perfect fit for me. I got so many compliments on them in the past week!! My boyfriend keeps taking them because they are just that great. Might have to get him a pair for Christmas haha. The size is very comparable to AirPods and so is the performance! Definitely a more affordable and cuter alternative to AirPods if you are looking for that!

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Jennifer S.Nov 10 2021, 11:07 am

These Liberfeel Plymouth Earbuds are adorable, love the retro style but that's just the beginning of how amazing these earbuds are. I've used these Plymouth Earbuds for a week now and I'm beyond impressed. So here goes, hope I don't leave anything out. The earbuds are cute, the packaging is cute too, pairing them to my Samsung 8+ was a breeze, my phone recognized the earbuds immediately. I also paired them with my Blackview BV9900 Pro with ease as well, now my earbuds are ready at any time. Put in pairing mode and wait for Liberfeel T 11 to show up and then connect. I've never used these type of earbuds before, I've always used in ear type, these are half ear, I liked them much more than I expected. I've tested these to see how well they perform ,well, they be small but they are mighty. I got the green retro earbuds, they're really adorable, they look like a blast from the past,nostalgic. They come in quite a few colors which are all cool. 5.1 bluetooth, true wireless, true stereo with a distance of 32 ft. , they still transmuted at the 100 ft. distance easily ( no obstructions were in the way) . The sound is super clear and the surround sound is incredible, even with volume all the way up they were clear, no static at all. These use Type C cable ,I actually prefer type C . They are Ipx4 waterproof so they're resistant to a splash of water, just don't submerge or take in shower or swimming. I've used these every day while washing dishes, laundry, and other chores and they stayed put. They also block out most background noise which I also love, I've got 4 kids so if these earbuds can block them out then that's pretty awesome. Battery held up way better than I expected. Phone calls were easy. Hang up/answer/cancel phone...double click Reject phone...long press 2 second. End current call to answer new call...double click. Keep your current phone answering new 3 clicks. Call switching...quick 3 clicks. 3 way call hang up...double click can hang up one by one. Reject a new call...long press 2 seconds ( won't affect current call). For music functions, also easy. Right to increase volume. Left key... click to reduce volume. Play...double click. Pause....double click. Last song...3 click on left earbud. Next song...3 click on right earbud. For voice assistant.... Press and hold down multifunction key for 8 seconds or put back in charging case to shut down. Press and hold touch key for 5 seconds or take out of charging case and turn on to enter pairing mode. 4 clicks on touch key, wIt for beep and continue for voice assistant. Light indicator shows charging and power. When charging headset in charging case the orange led light will light up until the headset is fully charged. When charging the case the orange led light will flash, stops flashing when fully charged. I like that there is a light indicator when charging so I know when it's finished, no guesswork. Just want to add that if you're not going to be using for a long time then you need to charge once a month, proper care and handling is important. So are these Liberfeel Plymouth Earbuds worth it? Oh yeah, absolutely yeah. They look amazing, sound amazing and perform amazingly. These earbuds won't disappoint, you will be amazed. They're perfect for every day use, battery last a long time, easy pairing and they're so cute and adorable. Perfect gift for anyone. I love these earbuds, they're small but mighty.

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Jennifer K.Nov 8 2021, 1:26 pm

Beautiful packaging. Opened up the box to the most gorgeous retro green glossy hard earbud case. So cute looks like a little speaker. There is a light on the front that indicates the status of the charge. You don’t need to charge these ear buds very often which is amazing. The ear buds are the same glossy retro green color. Super comfortable in the ear and easy to work. The earbuds were extremely easy to hook up to my iPhone Bluetooth. The sound quality is amazing for music, phone calls, and even YouTube videos. I am overly impressed and through the moon happy with these. The size of the case is perfect to throw in your pocket or a purse. Seriously these are amazing, go buy them!!!

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