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The Cat Ball

The Cat Ball® is a modern cat bed with two openings.

by Jennifer Boaro


About us

Designed for Cats, Styled for People

When working in costume design you get asked to make some peculiar things, for example, a giant ball costume that a person could get inside. My client asked me for three of these giant balls, and I had to figure out how to make them!

I made a small ball prototype before making the human sized costumes. Shortly after this I got kittens, and then had the eureka moment to turn this prototype into a cat bed. The kittens absolutely loved it, and I had created an original cat bed, which I called the Cat Ball® cat bed.

My Cat Ball® cat bed and Cat Canoe® cat bed are made with a thick, high density foam that maintains the unique shape of the beds while also allowing your kitty to curl up in any position. They can even smash the Cat Ball® and sleep on top of it, and you can press the bed back into shape. The shape and properties are entirely from the pattern I created and the materials I use: there is no internal wire or framework.

Our cat beds are fully lined, washable, warm, cozy, and cats will also use them as a play space. Most of the fabrics we use are 100% cotton quilting prints.

The Cat Ball® cat bed and the Cat Canoe® are labor intensive to make, requiring specialty materials and equipment. Our business has grown and to keep up with demand, we now have help cutting and sewing our products. I continue to work at The Cat Ball World Headquarters, where I design new products, make samples and prototypes, and occasionally do custom work. I have four industrial sewing machines, an army of cutting tools, many pounds of thread, and a large, cork covered pattern making table. Everything I do is loud, messy and for the love of cats.

The Cat Ball® cat bed - Your cat will figure it out.®

The Cat Ball®, Cat Canoe®, and Cat Ball® logo are registered trademarks.

Instagram: @thecatball


Shop Policy


I will ship anywhere in the USA. Alaska is part of the USA. I use Priority Mail, First Class Mail, Parcel Post, International First Class Parcel and FedEx.


Occasionally a cat will not use our cat bed designs. If this happens to you, send us a note and we will share tips and tricks, or visit this page. We will accept returns on unused Cat Ball® cat bed and Cat Canoe® cat bed.

Care Instructions:

  • Do not bleach
  • OK turn it inside out before washing
  • Remove as much hair as possible before
  • Use cold water (so fabric does not over shrink)
  • Tumble dry on low. A hotter setting will shrink fabrics
  • Did your Cat Ball® cat bed arrive all wrinkled up? Spray it with a water bottle and toss it in the dryer on low


0 ratings