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Miniature Rosebud Earrings

Everyday Elegance


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MirandaMay 5 2019, 12:05 pm

The product that I got isn't THAT BAD, but considering what I paid for them and what I thought they would look like based on the product photos, they're disappointing. The resin coating is kinda like a glob or a pool of gloss, there are huge leaves covering half the roses, and overall it just doesn't look as dainty and beautiful as I was lead to believe by the pictures. If these were like 20 dollars, or were even just honest about what they'd look like, I wouldn't have a problem. But these are sold for over 50 dollars and look completely different from the pictures on the product page. Same with my issue on the resin puddles: I wouldn't have an issue with it if these were cheaper and/or I knew they would come like this. Based on how little the product resembles the photos they're advertising, I'm not confident that they're made out of the material they're advertised as. They're supposed to be gold plated silver, but I'm worried they're made of something else. I was planning on giving these to my mom for Mother's Day, but now I'm hesitating because my mom is allergic to nickel and I don't want to give her something she can't wear. They also don't show you the backs of the earrings in the photos, and that's because they look cheap. They're cheap looking fake pearls and they don't look classy at all. I was expecting them to have no backs, and honestly I'd prefer they didn't. I bought a pack of silicon backs with this expectation, and if I give these to her then I'd probably replace the "pearls" with the silicon, because it would look so much better. I realize these are handmade so I shouldn't expect them to look perfect, but this is just too much. Overall, disappointed by the actual product. I'm considering returning them instead of giving them to my mom, because I'm not sure these are something I'd want to give to someone that I really care about.

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